Agent Robert F. Scott

Hoover's new G-man


Investigative Abilities
Assess Honesty – 2
Bargain – 1
Bureaucracy – 3
Cop Talk – 1
Credit Rating – 3
Interrogation – 2
Oral History – 1
Reassurance – 2
Languages – French, English
Law – 4
Library Use – 1
Medicine – 1
Evidence Collection – 4
Locksmith – 1
Photography – 1

General Abilities
Athletics – 10
Driving – 10
Firearms – 10
Mechanical Repair – 6
Scuffling – 5
Sense Trouble – 10
Shadowing – 10

Physical and Mental Health
Health – 10
Stability – 10
Sanity – 10

Pillars of Sanity
Good triumphs over evil
The universe has an order

Sources of Stability
Nights out on the town
Military issue Colt M1911A .45 Automatic
Partner Agent Cooper


Robert F. Scott served the United States Office of Naval Intelligence during the Great War as a secret agent tasked to retrieve certain art works and artefacts from German-held France. Orders came from a Project Testimony, but no indication was given as to the nature or reasoning behind the securing of these items. No questions were asked, orders were followed, missions were completed, and the War was won.
After returning Stateside, Robert worked for the Department of the Treasury as a special agent, enforcing prohibition and white slave trade laws. With Hoover as Director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924, Robert is personally recruited by Hoover as one of his “new G-men”. Trained with the same weapons and tactics of Capone and other bootleggers and gangsters, and in the most modern detective and crime solving techniques, this new G-man would be the gangbuster of the roaring 20s. With these special talents and techniques, Agent Scott and his partner Agent Cooper are tasked with investigating ritual slayings and bizarre murders in New York City.

Agent Robert F. Scott

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