Camille 'Cami' Bourgine

First female private detective in New York


Investigative Abilities
Assess Honesty – 2
Cop Talk – 1
Credit Rating – 2
Reassurance – 2
Accounting – 2
Archaeology – 3
Cryptography – 3
History – 1
Law – 2
Occult – 2
Physics – 1
Art – 1
Craft –
Locksmith – 2
Photography – 2

General Abilities
Athletics – 12
Disguise – 10
Driving – 8
Explosives – 5
Firearms – 5
Scuffling – 10
Shadowing – 10

Physical and Mental Health
Health – 10
Stability – 10
Sanity – 10


Pillars of Sanity
Science explains reality
Humanity is the pinnacle of creation??
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest

Sources of Stability
PI Kit
Keeping fit/physical activity
Inspector Clouseau


Camille’s mother was a French aristocratic socialite famed nationwide for her beauty. Unfortunately Camille inherited none of it. Once her mother realised her daughter was not to be the small twin she had hoped her mother had no use of her and left her to be raised by a combination of various staff and nannies, none of whom ever lasted long on account of her father’s sleazy eye and vicious temper. As such Camille was used to being nothing but a disappointing unwanted shadow in her own home. When the famous Pierre Depardieu arrived he not only noticed she existed but actually seemed to like her. Unused to such attention, Camille developed what in hindsight was an unhealthy infatuation. When she discovered she was being taken advantage of, Camille sought revenge for the humiliation she felt. She contacted journalist Eliza ‘Jax’ Onley to reveal Pierre’s true identity.

While she was being interviewed about the events of the last few weeks by the police, Detective Inspector Clouseau was impressed by the information she was able to garner while spying on Pierre/Robert. Clouseau suggested she might like to put her skills to better use and become a private detective. The idea of becoming anything at all, let alone anything useful to society appealed greatly to Camille and she enthusiastically took him up on his offer to teach her all he knew. She worked hard and over the years developed an interest in the work of Jackson Elias, initially because Jax was the only other woman Camille knew who did anything other than look beautiful but as she read more of Jax’s works Camille started to suspect Jax was onto something and so shifted the focus of her work to the more supernatural. She moved over to the New World (supported in part by her father from whom she had earnt some begrudging respect when she ‘rescued’ his Da Vinci) to continue her work and while there, remembering what Inspector Clouseau had told her about the importance of a good contact, reached out to mend the bridge between herself and Agent Robert F Scott

Camille 'Cami' Bourgine

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