Erica Carlyle

Heir to the Carlyle Munitions Manufacturing fortune


Erica Mackenzie Carlyle was born in New York City in 1891. She is the oldest surviving member of the Carlyle family.

Although three years older than her feckless brother, Roger, family traditions demanded that he be named heir to the family fortune and industries. Despite this slight, she excelled at her studies at Radcliffe, Vassar, and Barnard; unlike her brother, her academic odyssey was due to her pursuit of advanced education (although she did not receive a degree, she has the equivalent of a MA in Theology and Business Administration.)

Following the tragic death of her parents, the trustees of the estate allowed her to continue her studies until Roger reached his majority in 1915. During this time she traveled, making her Grand Tour in 1908. She spent the summer of 1912 in England, attending classes at Oxford while staying with Sir Aubrey Penhew, distant cousin and family friend.

Roger’s incompetence as head of the family was bitterly rued by Erica, who while powerless under the terms of her parents’ will to change the arrangement was able to cultivate connections with many prominent board members. They were impressed by her hard-headed business sense, and when Roger was declared dead they were very pleased with the way she put the family fortunes back in order.

Erica spends most of her time at the family estate on Long Island. She enjoys visiting Manhattan with her lawyer Bradley Grey and bodyguard Joe Corey in tow.

Erica Carlyle

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