Sir Neville 'Freddie' Wordsworth

Self-made Sir


Investigative Abilities
Assess Honesty – 1
Bureaucracy – 1
Credit Rating – 6
Flattery – 2
Reassurance – 1
Anthropology – 1
Archaeology – 1
Architecture – 1
Art History – 1
Languages – French, English
Library Use – 4
Medicine – 1
Astronomy – 1
Chemistry – 1
Outdoorsman – 1

Athletics – 10
Firearms – 20
First Aid – 20
Preparedness – 10
Riding – 4
Weapons – 18

Mental & Physical Health
Health – 10
Stability – 10
Sanity – 10

In the blood

Pillars of Sanity
Chivalry ascends humanity
For Queen and Country
Those with power have responsibility to care for those who do not

Sources of Stability


Born to an unknown middle-class familty in London, Neville joined the war effort in 1914 by lying about his age. Neville was recruited to MI6 during the War after excelling as an NCO. While once relishing his position as an agent of Her Magesty’s Secret Serviced, Neville became disillusioned with the war effort after intelligence work revealed the stupidity and banality of the conflict and lives lost. In both an effort to make a name for himself, and to join the growing anti-war movement, Neville gave a rousing speech at the Paris anti-war demonstration of 1918, while ostensibly still working as an intelligence agent. Neville was rocketed to fame in both England and the United States with the help of his then-fiancee Eliza ‘Jax’ Olney, who wrote a series of popular serialised reports on the war where Neville featured heavily. Having returned to England a knight, Sir Neville Wordsworth, first of his name, set up his family estate in Oxfordshire. Meanwhile Jax would spend increasing amounts of time in remote locales researching the latest book on the occult. In an effort to be closer to Jax, Neville moved to New York with his butler Bartholomew Perkins. Regardless, the engagement never came to fruition and Neville poured himself into building his American assets; petrolium, pigs, baccarat and bootleg Canadian liquor.

Sir Neville 'Freddie' Wordsworth

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